Metzner DYNAMAT 40 for materials up to 40 mm diameter

The Metzner DYNAMAT 40 is equipped with an integrated take-off belt and a micro-mist lubrication as standard. So since the knife operates in a closed space, both moistened and dry cuts can be performed. That’s what makes it an ideal automatic rubber cutting machine as well as a machine for many other materials. 

With the Metzner DYNAMAT 40 you can process material up to 40 mm | 1.57″ diameter with 4,000 continous cuts per minute. In the Stop & Go mode, the machine stops before each cut, so 800 perfectly exact cuts per minute are possible.

  • Equipped for
    knife lubrication

  • Integrated
    take-off belt

  • Up to 4,000 cuts
    per minute

The Metzner DYNAMAT is not just an automatic rubber cutting machine. As can be seen below, it can process all these materials for you, the diameter is up to 40 mm | 1.57″: Solid rubber elements Textile reinforced hoses Rubber profiles Silicon tubes, e.g. for medical applications Other materials, e.g. bones for dogs
Perfomance data Metzner Dynamat 40
Material dimension (width, height, diameter) max. 40 mm |1.57″
Length interval 0.1 mm |0.004″
Feeding speed 60 m/min. | 196’10”
Cutting rate: continuous cuts/min. 3,200
Cutting rate: Stop & go cuts/min. 800
Technical data
Electrical connection 3~400 V; 50/60 Hz; 10 A or transformator
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2,100 mm x 838 mm x 1,650 mm | 6’11” x 2’9″ x 5’5″
Weight 200 kg | 441 lbs
Integrated interface for peripherals ✔
Control via PC and software ✔
PLC-control Siemens ✔
Integration into the factory’s IT-network ✔
Operation via color touchscreen 7″ ✔
Servo motor ✔
Belt feed with servo motor with integrated length measuring system ✔