Metzner ST-OB - the all-rounder with the fine adjustable contact pressure

The Metzner ST-OB is both, it is designed as a universal cutting machine, but even more an automatic soft tube cutting machine. So, it is primarily focussed on soft and elastic materials. Thus it allows a very precise and at the same time gentle adjustment of the applied pressure between the transport belts. So the material is brought to the knife with an accurate pressure, and cuts are extremely precise.   The Metzner ST-OB is available with stamp cutting, shear cutting and tube cutting.
  • Customizable

  • For soft and
    elastic material

  • Best repeat accuracy

  • Proven in the
    industry for years

As a universal cutting machine, the Metzner ST-OB cuts many different materials. Due to its sensitive adjustment of the pressure, this automatic soft tube cutting machine is known for its excellent results with soft and elastic materials.

Performance data ST-OB
Material dimensions: width max. 150 mm / 65 mm
Material dimensions: height max. 30 mm / 30 mm
Feeding speed max. 60 MPS
Cutting rate/min.
(at cutting length of 5 mm | 0.2″)
Typically repeatable exactness (depending on material) +/- (1 mm + 0.2% L)
Technical data
Electrical connection 230 V; 50/60 Hz; 10 A
Compressed air connection 6 bar
Dimensions (L x W x H) 700 x 400 x 650 mm
Weight 70 kg
Controls Schneider
Control display 5.7″ touch and color